The GPC Trust qualifies as a charitable organization, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Thus it is able to accept tax deductible donations. To make a donation (and thereby become a member), please send check (payable to Garrett Park Conservation Trust) to:

GPC Trust
Box 258
Garrett Park MD 20896

If you would like more information about or wish to provide feed-back to The Garrett Park Conservation Trust, please send email to:

conserve [at] gpctrust [dot] net


or you can personally contact any of our Board Members:


Term Expires
Shaw Sprague ,
Nov 2019
Ken Ingham, Secretary/Treasurer Nov 2020
Fredrica Moser Nov 2020
Michael Lutkenhouse Nov 2019
Courtenay Culp Nov 2020
Chris Keller Nov 2019
Michael Spekter Nov 2018
John Miles Nov 2019