Champion Trees of Garrett Park

sycamore image

sponsored by
The Garrett Park
Conservation Trust
The Arboretum Committee


The goal of the Champion Trees effort is to engage the Garrett Park community in celebrating the trees that surround  them and, from there, to heighten their awareness of the ecological services provided by trees. A “Champion Tree” is a noteworthy large specimen.  We encourage town residents to nominate a tree in your block for consideration. As a start we have identified what we think are two examples of champions, an American sycamore and a tulip tree.  American sycamore can attain the largest trunk diameter of any of the eastern U.S. hardwoods and the tulip tree is the tallest hardwood in North America. Let us know if you have a noteworthy specimen of any species near you! Help us add to the list below. Submit entries. Get involved Contact Ken Ingham (933-5689) or email: conserve[at]gpctrust[dot]net