Garrett Park Land Use Task Force Data:

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Charge to the Task Force



March 15, 2009  
March 26, 2009  
April 16, 2009 (pdf)  
May 28. 2009 (pdf)  
June 25, 2009 (pdf)  
July 23, 2009 (pdf)
October 8, 2009 (pdf)  
November 19, 2009 (pdf)  
January 28, 2010 (pdf)  

News Coverage:

March 18, 2009,  
July 1, 2009,  
October 14, 2009,  
November 4, 2009,  

Relevant Documents:

Self-guided web-tour of housing changes.pdf
(this 12mb file may take a few seconds to load)
Opinion Poll 2005 (pdf)  
Current Garrett Park Code  
Garrett Park Overlay Zone (pdf)  
Maryland Code Authorizing Municipalities  
MC Definitions, Interpretations, Projections (pdf)  
Chevy Chase Exemptions for Projections
(compared to County)
Chevy_Chase_Section3_Ordinances (pdf)  
Somerset_Building_Codes (pdf)  
Washington_Grove_Zoning_Ordinance (pdf)  
Regional Green Building Policies (pdf)  
Harry Gordon's Overview of Current Regs
(Download as power point file, 1.4mb)
Tech Standards Subcommittee Scope of Work draft #2 (pdf)  
Research Sub-committee Charge  
LUTF Definitions Comparison Chart.doc  
Lot Size and Shape Analysis (xls Spread Sheet)